Join The Windsor Womens 10K Family – Become an Ambassador!

What we are looking for in an Ambassador:

  • You must show enthusiasm for the Windsor Womens 10K.
  • A strong Social Media following would be good.
  • Good connections within the sports community: Running Clubs, Running Stores, Gyms, Running Groups – basically anywhere you can be expected to promote the 10K.
  • You will have run the Windsor Womens 10K at least once before.






What is an Ambassador expected to do:

  • Promote the Windsor Womens 10K online through your Social Media channels.
  • Promote the Event offline: distribute flyers to local Running Clubs, Retailers. Go to other Events wearing our Ambassadors T-shirt. We will supply the flyers on request.
  • Contribute content: images, video to do with the Windsor Womens 10K







What an Ambassador will receive:

  • You will receive an Ambassadors T-Shirt (See image above left) once you have been accepted as a Windsor Womens 10K Ambassador.
  • We will provide you with 20 Ambassador Codes for each invited runner to use in our online entry system, This way we can track the number of entries allocated to you.
  • Upon achieving 5 entries you will be refunded your entry fee.
  • Upon achieving 20 entries you will receive one of the Windsor Running Festival Collections T-Shirts – an example is shown on the left.


Just fill the form in below and we will contact you within 24 hours!

You MUST Already Have a Place in The Windsor Womens 10K 2023 BEFORE you become an Ambassador!


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