If you think that you would be interested in running as a pacer, we would love to hear from you. If you are selected as a pacer you will receive:

  • Free entry to the Windsor Women’s 10k,
  • The satisfaction of knowing that you have helped others achieve their targets.
  • The use of the appropriate timing flag

You will be responsible for your own timing of the target time, so please be aware of what pace you need to be running per mile to hit your target. Don’t forget your watch or Garmin/Polar! You’ll be running to chip times (start your watch when you cross the start line, not when the first gun goes). It is really important that pacers run at an even a pace for the time they are pacing runners at and pacers must have the confidence to be able to keep to that pace for the duration of the 10K. Sprint finishes are not encouraged!! You should be aiming to run just under your target time (eg, if you are the 60 minute pacer, everyone running with you is trying to run just under 60 minutes, not just over).

Pacer Application Form

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